April 2, 2022

Pettitt Wins Big with Gainesville Times Interview

Mark Pettitt, Hall County Board of Education Member

Incumbent Post 2 Hall school board member Mark Pettitt pointed to his strong record for extending teacher benefits, accommodating school growth, and supporting parental rights in the classroom.

During a recent interview with Gainesville Times' reporter Ben Anderson, Mark Pettitt put his record and experience on full display in addressing challenges facing Hall County Schools.

In his remarks, Pettitt revealed his specific knowledge of the district and Hall community at large. Drawing from his experience and record as the incumbent post 2 board member since 2019, Pettitt made clear that strong leadership within Hall County Schools has protected the system from many of the issues facing surrounding districts.

When asked about staffing shortages facing local school districts, Pettitt pointed out that the shortage is not as concerning for Hall schools, due in part to the competitive pay and benefits for Hall County teachers advocated for by Pettitt while in office.

In addressing how the 13% growth in population within Hall County over the last decade will impact schools, Pettitt pointed out that while he has seen substantial growth in the south end of the district, school enrollment has actually leveled out.  However, tapping into his knowledge of future residential development in his district, Pettitt foresees "an uptick in enrollment" in the south end of the county.  To address this concern, he cited the opening of the new Cherokee Bluff middle school as a "relief valve" for additional growth.

Finally, Pettitt made clear his conservative views on school curriculum by supporting parental choice and standing against critical race theory.  Once again, his remarks made clear that he has an actual working knowledge of the Hall County school curriculum. 

"We don't teach it, we don't support it and it is just not part of what we do (referring to critical race theory) ...we have a curriculum that teaches history, and it teaches truth, but it does not put anybody down for who they are."

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