October 10, 2022

Hall Students Outpace State Graduation Rate, National SAT Score

Hall County students have once again bested the state's average graduation rate and SAT Score.

The Georgia Department of Education released the 2022 statewide graduation rate recently as 84.1%. Hall County Schools reported a graduation rate of 86.1%.

Additionally, Hall County's average SAT score was once again higher than national averages. Hall County students scored an average of 1041 on the SAT. Nationally, that number was 1028.

"Our Hall County students are some of the best and brightest. This is the culmination of many years of hard work and excellence by administrators, teachers and most importantly our students. I am so proud of our team, and I look forward to watching our newest graduates succeed in society," said Board Member Mark Pettitt.

Hall County Schools has one of the highest concentrations of English language learners in the state of Georgia, more than double the state's average. Further, Hall County Schools has a high concentration of poverty learners at more than 50% of all students district wide.

"Not only have our students excelled, but many have excelled while overcoming significant obstacles. I remain impressed with the accomplishments of our team, and I will continue to prioritize student success as a member of the Board of Education," said Pettitt.

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